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After the tragic events that happened in 2011, we decided that something had to be done about prevention of freediving accidents.
These accidents that killed total beginners as well as high-level freedivers showed that no one is spared when it comes to the risks of blackout.
A simple loss of consciousness takes dramatic proportions in open water or even in a shallow pool if the victim is alone in the water while practicing.

To have a freediving buddy will save your life.
The goal of this initiative is not to teach freediving or first aid but to identify the risk and make sure freedivers are aware of their responsibilities.
It’s up to freediving organizations and freediving instructors of all horizons to educate the freediving community. That’s why we wanted to help them with these signs/logos that like a dive flag deliver a message to every freediver.

We encourage you to use them in courses, teaching material and even promotional clothing. Just download them and use them! The message needs to be spread at all levels: from the person interested in freediving but who hasn’t tried it yet to the advanced freediver.
No one would have the idea to scuba dive without taking a course before. A lot of people think that because little equipment is necessary, mastering freediving alone is safe and without danger.

The information must be passed on.
These simple signs/logos are inducing us to reflect and will make people think about the consequences of their actions.
Circulate the signs/logos and support the initiative by signing the form. The initiative is free and the more the sign/logos are used and seen, the more they will save lives.

Fred Buyle, freediver, AIDA, Apnea Academy, CMAS & SSI freediving instructor
Pierre Lambreth, freediver & designer.

Support the cause and commit to a responsible freediving practice and never ever freedive alone!


To receive the safety pictos, click HERE.
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